Our Story

EAZZY CONSULTING is a financial consulting company established by experts with years of experience in the financial industry to provide customized solutions for customers.

We aim to provide personalized financial strategies and financial solutions by understanding the conditions of individuals and companies. ​

We provide customized financial solutions to reduce the burden on individual customers and help small and medium-sized businesses meet their financial goals and expand their business. ​

Eazzy Consulting promises a variety of financing solutions for clients, including fast microfinance products, commercial credit limits, commercial loans, or home sales loans, through a network of relationships with local banks, national banks, and private investors in 50 US states.

Eazzy Consulting

Our Team


Eric Zhan

Chief Executive Officer

I believe that success as a small business owner can only be achieved if all of these dimensions are aligned and driving toward the same destination. Most importantly, success is achieved through great execution. We are committed to communicating openly and honestly to our clients throughout the funding process, while we educate and empower our clients so that they can make informed financing decisions for their company.

We believe in providing our clients with complete transparency throughout the funding process, and we take pride in steering our clients toward the healthiest and most responsible commercial financing solutions.


Phone: 718-539-2136

Email: eric@eazzyconsulting.com

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