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Loan Amount


Time to Fund

1-2 Weeks

Loan Terms

1-2 Year Maturity

Interest Rate


What is a Business Line of Credit?

A line of credit can be likened to a safety net for your business that can be utilized to address various small business needs. Although it's not mandatory to use it, you can access it whenever required. Additionally, you are only charged interest on the amount you borrow, not on the entire credit limit. (6)

What are the Benefits?

Only pay interest on the funds you use

One notable aspect of a business line of credit is that interest is only charged on the amount withdrawn, not on the entire approved amount. For instance, if you have a $40,000 line of credit but only use $20,000 for office upgrades, you will only be charged interest on the $20,000 you used, potentially saving you a considerable sum on interest charges.

Multiple use cases

A business credit line offers versatility, much like a credit card, and can be used for a variety of purposes. It is especially beneficial for businesses seeking expansion and financing for new inventory or location. Moreover, it can provide a safety net for unexpected expenses or cash flow challenges, such as those that may occur during a slow season.

Business Line of Credit

Minimum Requirements



560 or higher


At least $50,000


6 months or more

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