Equipment Investment Loan

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What is an Equipment Investment Loan?

Equipment financing is a form of asset-based lending that enables business owners to obtain funds to purchase or lease equipment without reducing their working capital.

Due to the equipment serving as collateral to secure the financing, credit approval for this type of commercial banking is more flexible. Many lenders concentrate less on the profitability, revenue, and overall cash flow of the company for loan amounts under $50,000 and instead focus on the credit score of the business and business owners as well as the duration of time they have been operating.
Equipment Investment Loan

What are the Benefits?

Are you in need of a new backhoe or a credit card processing app? Or perhaps your sales team can't start their day without their morning protein smoothies made in a six-speed blender? Don't worry, there's a loan for all of that. Small business equipment financing options are available for almost every industry and every type of equipment you might need. This means that your wish list is probably covered, no matter how unique or unconventional it may be.

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650 or higher




12 Months

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